Fuck Cheat Days!

2w9XXXqFFpulkrh8FunSChaZo1_500So once again it appears having a cheat day fucked me. I’m down to 350 on Sunday morning and today I’m at 357 after following the diet perfectly. To recap I’m supposed to eat anything I want as much as I want one day per week, in this case Sunday while watching epic football games. How the fuck do I gain seven pounds in two fucking days, one of which I eat perfectly fine. Jesus fucking Christ!!!!

So now I’m saying fuck it to cheat days. I might eat a little off the rails one day a week but I’m not going insane anymore. Maybe I’ll confine it to one meal. If you look at my weight from this week and last before gorging myself  I should be down about a cat and a half (15 pounds) of weight. Instead I’ve lost exactly one motherfucking pound in two weeks.

I’m also making my workout sessions longer. This isn’t necessarily to increase weight loss, though I hope it helps, it is because I like it and want to gain muscle. In losing my previous 50 pounds I was working out very intensely at least once a week for an hour. I’m going to try and get in three 30 minute sessions a week now.

Here are my depressing current stats:

Weight: 357 pounds (-1 pound)
Body Fat: 37% (first measurement)

I will leave you with the immortal words of @EpicBeastMode:

Men who use the term “cheat meal” or “cheat day” are fucking queer.


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