Lazy Piece of Shit

So besides being a fat piece of shit I’m also lazy. While I have an amazing wife who is also a French trained chef I can barely warm up some shitty canned soup in a microwave. Because of this I tend to eat out. A lot.

I’ve heard countless fucktards tell me that in order to be healthy you have to make your own food and you can’t go out to eat. Total fucking horse shit. If you have half a brain and 23 chromosomes eating out won’t be a problem on the Slow Carb Diet.

I’ve been to Chilli’s and Applebees recently with no issues. For fucks sake you can order steak! Just add some mixed veggies or broccoli. Chilli’s even has black beans as a side. Chipotle and most other mexican joints are full of shit that is perfect.

Also, don’t be a cheap piece of shit. If it costs you a couple of bucks extra to order the healthy option just do it. It’s a lot cheaper than replacing your heart with a cows heart.

My point is that even this lazy piece of shit can stick to this diet and not really feel like I’m missing much. Besides feeling really shitty, getting headaches and slowly killing myself.

Oh and by the way. I love World Star Hip Hop.


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