Reading is Fundamental

After my rant about how shitty cheat days are I decided that I was going to go back and read that part of the 4 Hour Body again. It turns out that as usual Time Ferriss has already addressed this issue. He basically says that fat fucks like myself could gain up to 8 pounds by two days after the binge. He assures the reader that this weight will fall off (and then some) in just a few more days.

So that brings me to my Saturday weigh in. I chose Saturday this week because I was going out for my birthday that night and knew that I was going to eat pretty shitty and have a few beers (at least 5). Well wouldn’t you know it, I was just over 348. That means I lost 2 pounds from the previous weeks pre binge weight of 350. I weighed myself Sunday morning just to see what damage I did and it was at just over 351.

I didn’t go crazy on Sunday but I still didn’t weigh myself this morning. It’s mostly because I’m a fucking retard and forgot, but I don’t think that I’m going to do the Monday weigh in. It’s depressing as all fuck and doesn’t serve much of a purpose. If I’m down from Sunday to Sunday then I’ll be happy.

I also worked out on Saturday. I did 75 thirty pound kettlebell swings, 20 bridges and 10 bird dogs. Tim Ferriss calls them Flying Dogs but it seems that most people don’t use that term. When you look up the exercise you feel like an idiot and think you can do like a hundred of them. You can’t.

Here are my (somewhat) depressing current stats:

Weight: 348 pounds (-10 pounds)
Body Fat: 37% (no change)

I’ll close with a video that makes me feel better about myself…


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