Fuck Me

It’s Friday and I’ve been weighing myself Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week just to see what the daily changes are for the last three days before my cheat day. So far all I do is feel like a fat pile of dog shit when I do it, but hey knowing is half the battle or some dumb fuck thing. I weigh in today at 347  so I’m basically in the same position as I was at this time last week. Hopefully I lose a couple pounds over the next two days and I won’t be a total failure.

Eating hasn’t been perfect by any stretch. On Monday I had a bun on my burger because all of the toppings were stuck to it when I got it. Wednesday I had 2 Whopper Juniors for lunch and another bun on a burger for dinner. Last night I had 2 small cookies and two small pieces of dark chocolate for Valentines day. Oh, I think I may have just answered my question as to why I haven’t gained any ground. I’m a fucking asshat.

On a brighter note I do feel much better. I was able to do my 75 kettlebell swings in 2 sets instead of three. I did 25 as a warm up and then did the other 50 straight. My goal for next week is to get through the 75 in one shot. I did a couple other exercises and will have my bigger more intense workout on Saturday as usual.

Here’s a preview of my cheat day if I don’t lose any more weight this week.


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