This Must Be Some Giant Plateu

I can’t even believe I’m still at 347. I worked out hard this week and I ate pretty decent. I can say that I feel way better and that I really like how much stronger that I’ve gotten. I’m able to do the 75 kettlebell swings in just two sets now. One warm up of 25 and then 50 straight. I’m pretty sure that if I start out with another exercise I’d be able to just do the 75 straight with a 30 pound bell. The 45 pound bell is on the way and I can feel like less of a pussy.

I’ve been in this weight range now for way too fucking long and it is wearing on my resolve.  It was really hard not to just go way off the rails this weekend and I know it’s because even though I’m leaner and feel better that motherfucking scale isn’t moving at all. I also haven’t lost shit for body fat and stayed exactly the same there as well. FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!

I’m going to eat clean and work out harder. Not just so that I can maybe lose a couple more pounds from my massive ass but so that I can build more lean muscle for the golf season. I’m going to start adding more golf centric exercises and see how it will help me in my golf league that starts in April. Maybe I can be a little better than this bitch…


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