Return of the Mac (N’ Cheese)

So missed last week because I took a hiatus from strictly being on the diet and didn’t weigh myself expecting an epic fail moment. So my first weigh in was last Friday, March 1 and I was pleasantly surprised with 345. That isn’t a monumental loss but not only did I not gain weight but I lost 2 pounds which was nice. I did work out pretty good and I always seem to lose weight the day after my bowling league.

I wasn’t completely off the rails and only had a couple of things I wasn’t supposed to have on my non cheat days. I did eat a carb filled Chinese buffet dinner on Friday that I thought would be my down fall but it wasn’t. I have also been forgetting the ice therapy for the most part but I’m going to try and get better at remembering.

I’m also getting a lot stronger. I’m now able to do two sets of 50 two handed swings with a 30 pound kettlebell. Not exactly a world record but a far cry from the three sets of 25 I could barely do with a 20 when I started. Golf season is right around the corner and I should be hitting balls this coming weekend. I’m excited to see how my fitness helps. I’m sure it will also be nice to have my stomach not get in the way and to see the ball when I’m putting without craning my neck.

Oh yea, and the Harlem Shake is fucking stupid…


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