Who is this Fat Piece of Shit

A recap of the path to my obesity:

  1. Was a very active athlete (READ: Super Stud) as a teen.
  2. Got into a massive car accident and spent 3 months in the hospital eating everything I could get my hands on.
  3. Left the hospital 50 pounds overweight and never look back.

So simple anyone can do it. Since then we’ve had the obligatory heart attack scare, countless shirts in my closet that even if sewn together wouldn’t button and tons of kindling created by the furniture that I have shatter under my weight.

After my false heart attack diagnosis (thanks Somerville Medical Center) when I had a camera snaked into my heart I decided that I needed to do something about my situation before I ended up on Dr. Phil. I went to a personal trainer and lost about 50 pounds. I have kept that weight off but haven’t really progressed since stopping the personal training sessions. Enter The Four Hour Body and an interesting motherfucker named Tim Ferris.

I’m not going to go over what the book says, if you are interested you can read it yourself. What I am going to say is that some of his ideas are unconventional but what the hell do I have to lose.

Also, just a note for the people who are wondering why they should give a rat’s ass. You shouldn’t. I’m not writing this for anyone’s benefit other than my own. If I keep writing in this then hopefully I’ll keep at least trying to halt my slow progression into a Manatee.

So to summarize:

If you are fat and want a place for some motivation then go kill yourself because this probably isn’t going to motivate anyone.

If you are in shape it doesn’t really matter because I hate you.



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