The Plan

So after looking through all the bullshit diet plans out there I’ve decided that anyone who follows most of them have to be carrying a few extra chromosomes. I’ve decided to implement a diet call the Slow Carb diet from The Four Hour body. Not only does it make sense, but it doesn’t require me to weigh my food and figure out how many bullshit calories are in there. I also don’t have to eat crappy microwave food that gets shipped to me.

Here is the basic gist of what I’ll be putting in my body:

  1. No processed carbs (READ: Any food that might contain white flour)
  2. Beans or legumes at every meal to increase energy density
  3. No fruit
  4. Large amounts of lean protein

The best part is that one day a week you get to eat until you are so full you can’t move. Or if you’re me and don’t know what it’s like to feel full but know all to well what it is like to not be able to move it will be like a normal day but you’ll be happy.

In addition I’ll be doing three other things that may or may not work but I decided to give it a shot. All of them are from my new weight loss bible.

  1. Ice therapy – An ice pack on the back of my neck/upper back to increase the amount of energy my body burns.
  2. pAGG – This is a prepackaged group of supplements that Tim Ferris believes will alter how your body processes the food you eat and help you lose fat.
  3. Kettlebells until the cows come home – I’ll be doing at least the minimum of 75 double handed swings twice a week as per Mr. Ferriss recommendation. I will be doing more so that I can fill in some of the space that fat is taking up with muscle.

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